Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative
This project will explore how organizations can cooperate to build and support transparent pathways into STEM for young people from kindergarten through college. Specifically, it will explore whether connected learning can be used to de-fragment the current STEM out-of-school time (OST) program opportunity landscape. The resulting development of a Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative will engage stakeholders in convening, strategizing and planning sessions to develop and disseminate a thought-paper, which will be shared with participants, researchers, and stakeholders within Hive.

Diagame: A citywide transmedia game (Planning project)
This project will produce a model for using game design as a way for Hive member organizations to collaborate in the creation of a cross-Network transmedia game to be played by youth in the summer of 2013. Game design will foster a collaborative network among Hive members, help them to incorporate technology and principles of game design, and create sustained youth engagement across institutions. The funds will be used for meetings with Hive members and youth councils to foster interest and create a network of potential designers, to conduct a needs assessment of interest and capabilities in game design and technology among youth and organizations, and to examine potential technology and tools for the game. The project will produce a new program model for creating transmedia games for youth education and engagement, including: audience definition, game design and development, implementation, management and evaluation. This model will be developed as an online resource for Hive members and will include example game modules.

Ethics in Diversity Organizational Development
Yollocalli Arts Reach will collaborate with experts in arts education, arts therapy, and social work to develop a year-long strategy for Hive members to proactively engage with diverse populations in Chicago. Yollocalli will conduct a survey to identify Hive network member needs and then run workshops for members to discuss cultural issues such as race, class, and gender. The series will also include a program planning component, where Hive organizations will identify how to integrate strategies to authentically engage with more diverse populations in programming for Summer 2013, and create a personalized rubric for assessing their work.

Games Summit Series
This grant would support the continuing professional development of Hive members in game design and the use of games in informal learning environments through a series of lectures and events in 2012, and culminating in a multi-day workshop in spring 2013. The series will allow for members to practice creating design documents, wireframes, paper and digital prototypes as well as share ideas and progress on game development with their peers.

Hive Discovery Program
The Hive Discovery Program will engage CICS ChicagoQuest middle schoolers in a Hive-branded, interest-driven, connected learning “externship” program across 8-10 Hive organizations. At each site, students will take part in HO-MA learning experiences and discover how specific skills and passions combine to build discipline-based trajectories. This project will engage Hive members in a facilitated, co-design process that will reveal the connections and trajectories across the Hive sites. Members will be part of developing connected learning experiences and establish a sustainable mechanism for connecting learning back to schools and other Hive sites. All participants will contribute to the development of a Hive network learning trajectory map that identifies how skills are built across organizations and how combinations of skills represent specific disciplines. This map can be built upon and expanded within the larger Hive Chicago network. The program will include a “curriculum guide” that enables school-based personnel to facilitate and scaffold student experiences outside of school, and Hive site-specific materials that students can use before and during their visits to each site.

Hive Chicago Maker Event
Hive Chicago will host its first annual youth-focused maker event during the spring of 2013. This event will engage hundreds of youth from across the Network and promote interest-driven exploration, creativity, and sharing through connected learning. This event will be co-created and co-planned in collaboration with established Hive Chicago youth councils. Event planners will also partner with Chicago’s maker community and the Maker Education Initiative to design production-oriented learning activities that connect online collections, museum exhibits, city resources, libraries, schools, and community-based organizations. Youth projects will involve mentors with professional expertise in a variety of areas (artists, musicians, scientists, architects, historians, game designers, celebrities, etc.)
The event will be scheduled to coincide with MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning conference in March and will be broadcast online.

Hive Social Media Working Group: Learning in a Social Media Environment
The Hive Social Media Working Group will explore how intentional use of social media can redefine, extend and document learning. The collaborative team will consist of the Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium and Yollocalli to balance both artistic and STEM perspectives on the affordances of social media. Each organization demonstrates the Hive principles of connective, evaluative and integrative learning, and each wants to experiment with social media tools in learning experiences. The group will leverage insights of learning, social media theories and social media experiences. This project will produce a literature review, needs assessment, a social media program toolkit, and a facilitated workshop for Hive Chicago Members.

Now Is The Time (NITT): Yollocalli Mural Programs
Yollocalli Arts Reach has five graffiti/street art-based mural programs scheduled from summer 2012 through spring 2013. This project will align these programs with the Now Is The Time (NITT) theme. Documentation of the murals will live online at the NITT website. The project will also include the creation of online lesson plans, inviting youth at large to participate in designing murals and submitting them into an online gallery.

Now Is The Time is a collaborative project led by Facing History and Ourselves, The Chicago Public Library and Steppenwolf Theater to engage youth through a variety of self-directed and mentored activities around themes of injustice, hate, violence, tolerance and individual responsibility.

Science in the City (Mobile/Web App)
Science in the City will be a cross-platform mobile application to allow users to observe, interact with, document, and share science phenomena in their daily lives. The application will provide a layer of interpretive content though which users can see the world around them, and location-based tools to explore science in cities across the country. The application will leverage the affordances of mobile devices, where users can engage immediately with the science they see and connect with others who are observing the same principles. This application will be grounded in the science of urban environments; location-based content could be used to tour a city or generalized to explore the same principles in other locations. Organizations in several cities would provide content on observable local examples of science and engineering phenomena. Users anywhere could then use a set of built-in tools to record their interactions with those principles, creating streams of user-generated content along key science themes.

Network Café Phase 2
Hive provided funding to Little Black Pearl (LBP) to reconceive an existing café space at their location to demonstrate the principles of HOMAGO (Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out) through the delivery of digital media and visual arts activities. This round of funding will allow Little Black Pearl to continue to serve as an introductory environment to visual and multimedia activities designed to move youth into more advanced “messing around/geeking out” opportunities at the LBP studios. LBP studios will offer expanded program activities in music, multi-media, pottery, painting and glassmaking. Through this work, youth will gain leadership skills, improve school performance, social behaviors, and advocate for healthy lifestyles. LBP will produce documentation of the program activities and the benefits of providing youth with access to learning that explores their interests, inspiring future education and career choices. Documentation of youth work and activities will be used as a learning tool for LBP and for garnering additional support for sustaining the café.

Veteran's History Project
The Veteran’s History Project (VHP) is a project administered through the Library of Congress (LoC) with the goal of collecting oral history interviews, memories, letters, diaries, photographs, and other materials from US veterans. The VHP will support unique opportunities for youth interested in history, digital storytelling and digital media creation to not only explore their interests in this area but to gain valuable skills that will aid their entry into new career pathways. Military academy students in Chicago will be paired with youth from Free Spirit Media (FSM) to produce interview-based documentaries of veterans’ stories. This unique concept also features a mediated or mentor-facilitated support to allow teaching adults (along with more advanced/experienced teens) to directly participate in advancing skill development, sharing expertise and promoting leadership among participating youth. Hive Chicago youth will come from various CPS schools including the military academies to produce up to 15 veterans' history documentaries for the LoC collection.

Y Jam Pack Leadership Experience
The Y Jam Pack Leadership Experience will empower youth to design two interest-driven jams, exploring the legal and business aspects of media and technology. In an adult-supported environment, youth will identify interest-driven programming and determine the strategies needed to plan and implement the jams. 10 youth will lead this project, which will begin with orientation and teambuilding sessions. Next, the youth will attend a series of workshops and develop the parameters, objectives and outcomes of their jams. Youth will then lead the jams, which will serve approximately 60 youth.

Free Spirit Media Youth Council
Free Spirit Media will develop a youth council with the purpose of including youth voice and participation into the programming of the organization. The youth council will serve as a liaison between FSM staff and participating youth, helping to identify issues that most directly affect and interest youth. FSM youth council members will conduct a full audit of FSM programs to identify learning gaps and share their findings with FSM staff. FSM staff will work with the Council to close learning gaps and deepen youth voice within their organization.